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Our team at WaterTech Plumbing & Heating Ltd. fosters a client-centered attitude in everything that we do. All of our staff embody integrity and professionalism and are encouraged to constantly learn new and innovative knowledge. All staff are involved in ongoing training programs which include both in-house and at third-party training amenities.

Most of our team have gone through 4-year apprenticeship programs, and all employees are screened and evaluated by project managers throughout every project.

From the moment you call us, you can expect a courteous greeting, prompt attention, and reliable service at a reasonable cost.


  • Professionalism: Be courteous, friendly, prompt, and helpful
  • Passion: Exceed for excellence to go beyond the norm
  • Innovation: Offer solutions, not excuses
  • Authenticity: Being genuine gets you better results
  • Open Doors: Asking for help can get you the right answers faster

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